Your Bitch Wife

Lady Nina Birch’s husband returns home from work, full of attitude and forgetting his place in this ongoing female lead relationship, something she soon points out, demanding her strip and worship her shoes.

His chastity device strains as he is sent for quiet corner time, and to contemplate his male attitude but his fidgeting annoys his wife and she soon has him over her knee being spanked and then given a hard belting to put him back in his place. Nina shows him some garments that she has bought, a collection of 7 pairs of panties, not for her but for him to wear as she has now burnt all his old male underwear, this will help remind him of their FLR when he is at work.

Nina decides to unlock his cock and give him his monthly milking as reward for his efforts, her expert handjob making him shoot his cum in very short time, before being locked away again until she feels it is time for his next release.

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