Tribute to the Bullwhip by Ama K

This clip is a beautiful tribute to one of the sexiest corporal punishment instrument in existence…

The Bullwhip. Whether you are a bullwhip enthusiast, or a lover of the concept of elegant female supremacy… or if you simply love the glamorous whip Goddesses of the Latin Beauties in High Heels, this clip is an absolute must.

I asked Ama K to make a very elegant and classy bullwhipping clip… not any bullwhipping clip but a very nice and elegant RED WHIPPING… as a tribute to the beauty and the art of bullwhipping.

Latin Beauties in High Heels is known as the best whipping studio of the net, simply because here you will find the most stunning whip Goddesses on earth, you will enjoy the glamorous outfits, shoes and boots , and over all, you will delight yourself with the most skilled bullwhip wielding domes on the world wide web… That is our signature… that is our style… and here we are to share with you this gorgeous tribute to the exquisite bullwhip.

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