Trainingday for a slave husband

Trainingday for a slave husband

Madame Catarina is widely knowing as a training Mistress for difficult educable slave husbands. This day a new candidate enters her training place. By a phone call Madame gets all information how she has to train him…it doesn’t sounds like a “light training” for this poor guy but the wife wants to get him back well trained and perfect functioning.

Chapter One

After the phone call the training begins with verbal humiliation and the slave has to strip in front of Madame.
She is punishing his nipples and cock with her riding crop and boots but also by hard face slapping while he has to smile all the time … what is not easy for the slave.

Chapter Two

The training continues with more face slapping: at first with gloved, and later with naked hands and verbal humiliation.

Chapter Three

The next exercise is cbt and ball busting. For this Madame puts his balls very tight in a ball pillory and positions the slave directly in front of her on all four. This way she can kick the ball with the top of her boots, the sole and with the heels, ans also spanking the balls with her riding crop…funny for Madame – painful for the trainee slave.

Chapter Four

Same exercise – different position! CBT with the wooden ball pillory, whipping with the riding crop and verbal humiliation.
Madame Catarina is kicking and busting the squeezed balls with the sole of her boot and sticking the heel into it while the whip is splashing on the slaves ass.

Chapter Five

The slave has to stretch the arm wide because Madame Catarina wants to tight them on a bamboo stick to make him immovable. The nipples get hard clamps with a leash on it.
Then Madame takes a big black dildo strap on it pulls the clamps with the leash to lead him by sucking her strap on. This painful way the slave has no other chance then to do what

Chapter Six

The dildo blowing training continues. To humiliate the slave more Madame Catarina is spitting on the strap on and he has to lick it. Then Madame wants to enjoy his blow job more comfortable so she takes a sit and lights a cigarette. This way the slave kneels between her knees ans sucks the strap on while she is using his mouth as her ashtray too. All the time the slave is fixed on his nipple clamps and the leash in Madame’s hand to make his job right.

Chapter Seven

The last training should be caning and whipping to break the slave soul. For this Madame is using the thin whip and the yellow uncle – a cane.
Bound over the whipping trestle the slave husband is groaning and moaning in pain…

Chapter Eight

Last for this training day is a very hard corporal punishment with a single tail.
At last Madame is calling the wife and is telling her about the training day while she is using the slave husband as her foot rest…



Madame Catarina - Cruelest Beauty

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  1. Bonjour j’aimerais devenir esclave chez vous et subir un dressage par vos soins pour pouvoir être utilisé dans vos films.
    Comment dois je procéder, dans l’attente de vos nouvelles, je vous embrasse vos pieds de dominatrice.


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