Trainingday for a slave husband

Trainingday for a slave husband

Madame Catarina is widely knowing as a training Mistress for difficult educable slave husbands. This day a new candidate enters her training place. By a phone call Madame gets all information how she has to train him…it doesn’t sounds like a “light training” for this poor guy but the wife […]

Take It For Me

Mistress Johanna - Take it for me

Featuring Mistress Johanna. Being slave to Mistress Johanna is an extremely special honour and to maintain that most privileged position of servitude, a slave must endure whatever form of treatment she may decide to dish out! This session sees Mistress Johanna using a plethora of testing treatments on her slave, […]

Akella’s Pain Slave

"Akella's Pain Slave - Super HD" features Mistress Akella

“Akella’s Pain Slave – Super HD” features Mistress Akella. It was published on 2021-04-18 and was last updated on 25th Apr, 2021 with the Complete Film Complete Duration: 20 mins 37 secs Photos: 16 Featuring Mistress Akella. Mistress Akella has an envious collection of leather boots, so when her boot […]

The Fat Pig – The Big Gulp Part2

The Fat Pig - The Big Gulp Part2

It is time again to pay an unannounced visit to the particularly fat slave (see part 1) in order to examine whether he got his gluttony under control. And what do I have to see? Shamelessly stuffing himself with chocolate kisses again. Just you wait! I shove the chocolate kisses […]