Your Bitch Wife

Lady Nina Birch’s husband returns home from work, full of attitude and forgetting his place in this ongoing female lead relationship, something she soon points out, demanding her strip and worship her shoes. His chastity device strains as he is sent for quiet corner time, and to contemplate his male […]

Ikona Black – At the devil’s mercy Part 1

Ikona Black - At the devil's mercy Part 1

Quite quickly the rubber object realizes that it was not a good idea to beg for mercy and an orgasm. But he just can’t stand the pressure in his cage anymore. But what does he want to do so defenselessly strapped on the Boomer. It is completely at the mercy […]

The Fat Pig – The Big Gulp Part2

The Fat Pig - The Big Gulp Part2

It is time again to pay an unannounced visit to the particularly fat slave (see part 1) in order to examine whether he got his gluttony under control. And what do I have to see? Shamelessly stuffing himself with chocolate kisses again. Just you wait! I shove the chocolate kisses […]

Education to a living ladies toilet

Education to a living ladies toilet

Education to a living ladies toilet – After the rubber maid in the last part was nicely used in gangbang by all the ladies anal and oral is now the next stage of education to the willing fuck and swallow object announced. That the rubber maid fails miserably has not […]