Trainingday for a slave husband

Trainingday for a slave husband

Madame Catarina is widely knowing as a training Mistress for difficult educable slave husbands. This day a new candidate enters her training place. By a phone call Madame gets all information how she has to train him…it doesn’t sounds like a “light training” for this poor guy but the wife […]

Pilloried and chained up

Madame Catarina - Pilloried and chained up - FULL MOVIE

Madame Catarina: Pilloried and chained up – FULL MOVIE (mp4) The slave of Madame Catarina has had to modified the pillory for more vulnerable positions. See what one or two hooks or wholes more can make a normal whipping with a single tail into a yucky thing   Price: $47.59 […]

Ikona Black – At the devil’s mercy Part 1

Ikona Black - At the devil's mercy Part 1

Quite quickly the rubber object realizes that it was not a good idea to beg for mercy and an orgasm. But he just can’t stand the pressure in his cage anymore. But what does he want to do so defenselessly strapped on the Boomer. It is completely at the mercy […]

The orgasm fight Part2

Mistress Susi - The orgasm fight Part2

Mistress Susi, “The orgasm fight Part2” – What now happens to the poor defenseless slave can only be called abnormally mean, even with the most positive meaning! First he may fight against the current then against Venus. The current plug in his ass doesn’t make the situation any better than […]