Trainingday for a slave husband

Trainingday for a slave husband

Madame Catarina is widely knowing as a training Mistress for difficult educable slave husbands. This day a new candidate enters her training place. By a phone call Madame gets all information how she has to train him…it doesn’t sounds like a “light training” for this poor guy but the wife […]

Inversion Torment

Femme Fatale Films presents Inversion Torment - Super HD with Lady Victoria Valente

Inversion Torment – Featuring Lady Victoria Valente. Lady Valente has her pig slave inverted with his most important orifice open as a receptacle for her spit, her cigarette ash and her boots. She squeezes his nipples hard with her leather gloved fingers, making him strain against his inversion bondage. His […]

Pilloried and chained up

Madame Catarina - Pilloried and chained up - FULL MOVIE

Madame Catarina: Pilloried and chained up – FULL MOVIE (mp4) The slave of Madame Catarina has had to modified the pillory for more vulnerable positions. See what one or two hooks or wholes more can make a normal whipping with a single tail into a yucky thing   Price: $47.59 […]