Suffering Silence

Suffering Silence – Featuring Mistress Eleise de Lacy

Super HD with Mistress Eleise de Lacy

Suffering Silence – Featuring Mistress Eleise de Lacy. The slave attempts to maintain a stoic silence, but it doesn’t take too long for Mistress Eleise to get some noise out of him.

Torment on the bondage wall begins with his cock and balls tied and whipped. There’s no escaping though and when the pegs are clamped all around his ball sack, the whipping becomes that much harder to take! His nipples are clamped and the vicious pin wheel rolled over his most sensitive parts. This is his medicine and he needs it when the ball suction device sucks his testicles almost out of his sack!

All of this precedes his most challenging of ordeals yet… a ass fingering and then fucking with a strap-on of the size he’s never even contemplated taking before today. His final command is to cum while his Mistress sits firmly over his face…

Suffering Silence – A whopping 42 minutes of all action superlative FemDom, you really don’t want to miss!

“Suffering Silence – Super HD” features Mistress Eleise de Lacy was published on 2021-12-16 and was last updated on 16th Dec, 2021.


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