Stepdance under my whip!

Lady Pascal smiles at herself as her finger with the long, red polished nails pushes the button and the chain pulls up her slave higher and higher until he can stand on his tiptoes only. Dressed in in ultra hot, black leather, the mean Mistress walks around him.

“What a nice position for a good whipping!”, Pascal says while she lets her heavy bullwhip gliding through her fingers. “I want to see you dance on your tiptoes”, she says, targets his ass and a second later the bullwhips bits into his ass. Only a few lashes later, the slave starts to jump in pain. Pascal just laughs at him because he looks so funny.

What looks so funny to her is so painful for him. He is only able to stand on his toes but the whip makes him jumping and again and again the cruel lady commands him to return into the right position. He is totally exhausted after a few minutes and Pascal is merciful and lets him down.

But do your really think this leather clad Mistress knows mercy. While she lets him down she says that she wants to see him on all fours, head down, ass up. She walks around him because this was not the end. The whipping really starts now…



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