Serenely Smothered

Serenely Smothered - Featuring Mistress Serena

Featuring Mistress Serena.

Mistress Serena decides to verbally humiliate her slave, teasing him as to why he doesn’t have a girlfriend and never will. She tells him how useless the pathetic piece of mincemeat is between his legs, how crap he is at boot worship and how he will never get to lap his tongue over her bare flesh, flick his tongue over her cunt or in between her ass cheeks. All he ever gets is to be humiliated, to be teased and ultimately denied real female interaction. After making him suck on the heels of her boots and lick the soles clean, she sits firmly over his pathetic face and grinds what he’ll never have over his nose…

“Serenely Smothered – Super HD”

features Mistress Serena. It was published on 2021-11-05 and was last updated on 5th Nov, 2021.


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