Office Boot Slave

Femme Fatale Films presents Office Boot Slave with Divine Mistress Heather

Featuring Divine Mistress Heather. The long serving slave should know better than to serve up imperfect food to his Mistress… The fruit is past its best and when Mistress Heather spits it out, it is the slave that becomes the waste bin. He must eat up all the regurgitated fruit from Mistress Heather’s mouth, off her boots and drink her precious spit to help wash it all down. Totally humiliated, covered in spit and given a tongue lashing for his errant ways… such was the punishment for the sloppy slave.

Complete Duration: 9 mins 19 secs Photos: 11

“Office Boot Slave” features Divine Mistress Heather. It was published on 2018-09-24 and was last updated on 5th Oct, 2018.


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