Mistress Vixen Beauties & the beast

Mistress Vixen Beauties & the beast

Mistress Vixen & Mistress Ashley – Beauties & the beast

Mistress Vixen and Mistress Ashley are both simply gorgeous, both wearing black thigh boots, Mistress Ashley wears a stunning leather corset and very shorty skirt, whilst Mistress Vixen stuns in a red and black skintight cat suit – mind blowing.

The slave shackled and legs spread wide is warmed up by the soft gentle hands of his Mistresses, the hands may be gentle, but the impact is still rather harder than you might think.

The hands soon give way to paddles which soon redden his ass and upper thighs, his wild cries and trashing around doesn’t help him, and only results in his mouth being gagged. “Oh his sorrowful eyes” how they ridicule and laugh as they change up to crops and floggers. At one stage when he is really struggling with his pain Mistress Vixen suggests he might want to worship their boots, he is very slow showing his gratitude for the offer, for which he gets much redder still.

Eventually he is allowed to kneel before them as they dig their heels into his back. His weakness under a trashing and his lack of gratitude haven’t gone unnoticed, Mistress Vixen crops his feet revelling in the sound of the crops impact on sweaty flesh. The wretch is made to kiss Mistress Vixen’s boots as Mistress Ashley now crops his soles.

As he is beaten, he raises his tongue from Mistress Vixen’s boots without authorisation, Mistress Ashley is horrified as his disobedience and so she and Mistress Vixen use her awesome crop to educate the slave, by whipping his hands – he is much more compliant after that!

Mistress Ashley has noticed one thigh is much more welted than the other, she addresses that issue with a paddle and enthusiasm! Talking of enthusiasm, Mistress Vixen has found one of her canes, and oh boy does she know how to use it! Mistress Ashley picks up the cane and knows the oh so painful sweet spot where the ass meets the thigh, there are a good few welts there when she is done!

Towards the end of the clip the slave does at least receive some comfort from the soft warm latex of Mistress Vixen’s catsuit against his ass, but sadly for him she always moves out of the way when Mistress Vixen wants a turn with the cane.

An awesome clip

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Mistress Vixen

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