Miss Courtney – Locked for Eternity

you thought you were just going to be locked up for a little while. Well guess what? Ive changed My mind. I am locking you up FOREVER. I want your cock to be mine for all eternity to control and to tease. I know how weak you are for My nylons and Louboutin heels, I can see your cock growing just by watching Me now. This will be your life – I am going to tease your poor, locked cock FOREVER. I will have you begging to be allowed out and My answer will always be the same: NO!

I will allow you one release a year – on your birthday but even that won’t be pleasurable for you. you will get to orgasm but it will be a ruined one! Maybe Ill punch you in the balls or stop wanking you just as you reach that edge – enough for the cum to leak out the end of your dick but for that feeling of pleasure to dissolve. Then you’ll be on your knee’s, ready to clean the spunk up with your eager tongue before I lock you away until next year.

So get ready, say goodbye to having a girlfriend, a wife and fucking for the sake of it. you are now mine, your cock is locked for all eternity.



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