Judge Madame Catarina – Case 056/09

Case 056/09! Is accused because he is using a park space what is reserved only for womens! Thats why he get his well-deserved penalty!

Madame Catarina is accuser, judge and executor in one person! Her word is the law!

The incredibly beautiful and cruelly strict enforcer begins the spanking with a warm up with the flogger followed by 200 strokes with the rubberised cane. The delinquent has to count all the blows loudly and clearly.

Second part of the punishment: 200 strokes with the single tail on the whole body.

But that is not the whole punishment! 200 hard strokes with the cane follow as the final punishment!

Every delinquent who was once whipped by Madame knows what this means! This is sustained punishment and behaviour modification!


Corporal Punishment!

  • 200 strokes with the rubberised cane on the naked buttocks.
  • 200 strokes with the single tail on the whole body
  • 200 strokes with the cane

Female Judiciary 03 - Case 056/09



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