Inversion Torment

Femme Fatale Films presents Inversion Torment - Super HD with Lady Victoria Valente

Inversion Torment – Featuring Lady Victoria Valente.

Lady Valente has her pig slave inverted with his most important orifice open as a receptacle for her spit, her cigarette ash and her boots. She squeezes his nipples hard with her leather gloved fingers, making him strain against his inversion bondage. His mouth is filled with spit and ash and her boots need a good licking and heel sucking, the same heels that she uses so precisely to dig deep into his nipples, cock and balls.

“Inversion Torment – Super HD” features Lady Victoria Valente.

It was published on 2021-11-01 and was last updated on 8th Nov, 2021.

Complete Duration: 17 mins 38 secs Photos: 12

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