Madame Catarina and Lady Victoria Valente – Corporal Punishment in Swiss



A 4K movie filmed in Switzerland

Madame Catarina and Lady Victoria Valente have been riding in the Swiss Alps and on their return to Madame Catarina’s holiday residence they find a caged slave awaiting them. The Ladies decide to have some fun with the slave and force him to lick their dirty riding boots but the slave does a very poor job and is taken down to the cellars where Madame Catarina keeps her travel dungeon.

The slave is restrained in the travel dungeon and the Ladies get to work with paddles, floggers, single tail whips and their riding crops. When satisfied the slave’s butt is sufficiently red and weeping the Ladies take their canes to it to cause maximum pain. It is then time for the whips again only this time across his back. The slave is then turned around and whipped and caned across the front of his body with special attention being paid to his balls and nipples. The Ladies finish off the slaves punishment with more whipping of his butt and when it is a mass of red they lock him away in a sauna as the decide what to do with such a useless slave.



Madame Catarina - Cruelest Beauty

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