Clamped for Milking

Divine Mistress Heather - Clamped for Milking

Clamped for Milking – Featuring Divine Mistress Heather.

Draining my slaves on a regular basis is something I not only take great delight in, but a necessary process to keep them weak and compliant. This slave was strapped to my bondage wall, hooded and had his cock and balls clamped in place with a power-vibrator ready to extract his seed. I needed to make him suffer before, during and after his orgasm, so I brought out some of my fiercest nipple clamps, applying several at the same time, before crushing his swollen nipples with my medical forceps. I saved the most excruciating pain for when the vibrator was activated, ensuring that whilst it produced an orgasm, the clamping device on his cock and balls ensured it was ‘ruined’.

“Clamped For Milking – Super HD” features Divine Mistress Heather. It was published on 2022-03-06 and was last updated on 6th Mar, 2022.


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