Akella’s Pain Slave

"Akella's Pain Slave - Super HD" features Mistress Akella

Akella’s Pain Slave – Super HD” features Mistress Akella.

It was published on 2021-04-18 and was last updated on 25th Apr, 2021 with the Complete Film

Complete Duration: 20 mins 37 secs Photos: 16

Featuring Mistress Akella. Mistress Akella has an envious collection of leather boots, so when her boot cleaning slave has failed to do his duties to her exacting standards, he needs to be punished! He has been tied to a table and must endure a barrage of corrective treatments, including ball and nipple clamps, ball punching, twisting and squeezing and the very boots he was supposed to have cleaned are used to inflict hurt in his most sensitive areas, whilst he attempts to lick, suck and kiss them. A predicament for this lazy slave, who must now prove his worth if he wants to remain in her prestigious stable of slaves.




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