Trainingday for a slave husband

Trainingday for a slave husband

Madame Catarina is widely knowing as a training Mistress for difficult educable slave husbands. This day a new candidate enters her training place. By a phone call Madame gets all information how she has to train him…it doesn’t sounds like a “light training” for this poor guy but the wife […]

Madame Catarina and Lady Victoria Valente – Corporal Punishment in Swiss


GERMAN SPOKEN A 4K movie filmed in Switzerland Madame Catarina and Lady Victoria Valente have been riding in the Swiss Alps and on their return to Madame Catarina’s holiday residence they find a caged slave awaiting them. The Ladies decide to have some fun with the slave and force him […]

Bootlicker’s Day Revival

MadameCatarina - Bootlicker's Day Revival

Madame Catarina – CRUELEST BEAUTY! Bootlicker’s Day Revival – FULL MOVIE – ENGLISH SUBTITLED! (mp4) A day with Madame Catarina and Bootlicker from the early morning to midnight. Madame Catarinais changing her outfit three times, from casual in Jeans,shirt and mules, to a short leather mini skirt, blouse, boots and […]

Judge Madame Catarina – Case 056/09

“Case 056/09! Is accused because he is using a park space what is reserved only for womens! Thats why he get his well-deserved penalty!” Madame Catarina is accuser, judge and executor in one person! Her word is the law! The incredibly beautiful and cruelly strict enforcer begins the spanking with […]

Pilloried and chained up

Madame Catarina - Pilloried and chained up - FULL MOVIE

Madame Catarina: Pilloried and chained up – FULL MOVIE (mp4) The slave of Madame Catarina has had to modified the pillory for more vulnerable positions. See what one or two hooks or wholes more can make a normal whipping with a single tail into a yucky thing   Price: $47.59 […]